The Truth About Sunday Minor by H.R. Young-Lira

4.5/5 ⭐️

Oh. My. Gods. Going into this book I was neutral. But as soon as I read that intro I was already hooked. This book is an easy read and I read it in one sitting. 

Now I must warn that this book has a deep and dark subject of children abuse. But I also say that’s WHY it should be read. People, especially adults need to understand how their words and actions effect children (even adults themselves). 

This story, which is based on truth, takes you on a horrific and terrible roller coaster that makes you sick yet you’d ride it all over again. Does that make sense? No. Not at all. But that’s how rollercoasters work. (Wow this sounded better in my head….)

This story is told with absolutely no sugar coating or soft whispers, it’s a straight forward look at what happens behind closed doors in some houses to this day. this story demands that each person look around and try to actually see people and understand that no one truly knows what struggle(s) another person is going through. Gods this book is so important, if I’m being honest. 

The story is so raw and the fact that Sunday and her siblings had to go through that abuse, not knowing any better, is heartbreaking. Prepare yourself when reading this book. Not only because it’s dark and deep and will possibly make you squirm and cry, but because it’s a whirlwind and you won’t find another book that has the talent of story telling that Young-Lira has. 

She’s awesome and amazing for sharing this book with the world, and I have to thank her for sending me this book. Plus it’s a beautiful cover (;

Thank you H.R. Young-Lira for reaching out to me about your book and sending me a copy to review! 

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The Crowns of Croswald by D.E. Night

B0DBB246-289C-4382-9575-58A05BD0CBBD.jpeg* thank you to D.E. Night and Angelle for sending me the PR box to review this arc!!!! *

This is a pretty solid 4.5 ✨

This was an interesting story. Some aspects of Ivy’s story (especially towards the end) were a tad bit predictable, but not to the level where it would ruin the story. Fans of Middle Grade and the Harry Potter series (yes I know how big of a praise this is, but HEAR ME OUT) would really enjoy this one. Harry Potter fans especially will notice some tropes and plot details that are similar to Harry’s story, although this one still stands on its own.

The characters in the book were not fleshed out too much, but they were still likable. Ivy was a fun MC to follow, as the reader learns about the world with her. Fortunately, since this appears to be the first book in a series (think a trilogy, but don’t quote me on that) there is plenty of time for the characters to be explored more and for arches to grow. The magic system in the books is extremely creative. I love that we’re following two different magic systems that interact and play off each other. I can’t wait to see how this is explored in future books.

The plot was an interesting pace. I honestly did not realize that an entire school year had passed when reading the book, but the pace of the story didn’t feel too slow or too rushed. That being said, there was a lot of exposition thrown at the reader in the last chapter, setting up for the sequels. It will be interesting to see where the plot goes in the future books. I’ll definitely be looking forward to them and continuing on with this series.

Final Thoughts:

This was a solid Middle Grade, fantasy book. The story had an intriguing enough premise to keep readers excited while still leaving plenty of story for future books. Fans of Middle Grade fantasy will enjoy this one. I know that I will be definitely be looking into getting the second book! I also need a finished copy because this cover is BEAUTIFUL.

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Half Bad Trilogy by Sally Green

5/5 Stars. Yep. I went there.



This review is mostly for Half Lost but, if I’m honest it’s also for the trilogy as a whole.. and.. my thoughts when finishing the first book? “I’m in love. So in love. Shockingly I love ALL the characters, even the ones I hate. If that makes sense. Every person in this story has a rhyme and a reason. Besides rose. I didn’t like her. Can I already say that I ship Nathan and Gabriel? I love the thought of it.” but? My thoughts after reading the last one?! I’ve never cried after reading a book. This is the first for me. I feel so sorry for Nathan and everything he has lost.. I just want to curl up in a ball and never ever touch another book in my life unless Sally Green magically writes Nathan and Gabriel both back in the book in a happy and free life!
I don’t know how I feel about the ending and him turning into a tree next to Gabriel’s grave at the end but I more than understand the reason behind it.
I don’t think I’ll ever love a book trilogy more than I love this one.
Yes there is flaws, like all books, but this one makes up for it so much.
Sally Green has such a different way of writing that I thought to myself that I wouldn’t like it, but I’ve become to love it more than any others.
I’m still so mad that Annalise lives a happy life, with a husband, and with Nathan & her baby (CAN WE JUST STOP AND TALK ABOUT THAT FOR A SEC?! OMG!).
I just can’t believe Sally Green would keep her and kill off Gabriel.. And I guess that’s why I don’t know how I feel about the ending.. But this book made me cry like a damn baby at the end.
I kind of knew what was coming but I liked Gabriel and the way he made Nathan into a better person.
It kind of sucks that we didn’t get to read a straight reaction of what Nathan does after Gabriel dies.
I saw that I wanted to read about what he did from that moment.. Did he just run off and never look back or did Arron stay by him and try to calm him on the way to Wales?
Such a pity I’ll never know but I truly do recommend this book to anyone who likes a bit of fantasy and a bit of a dark side.
It’s a wonderfully made trilogy.

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The Animators By Kayla Rae Whitaker Review

300909252/5 stars

Sadly I hate to rate this so low because in some points it was so good but I just couldn’t get into it like I thought I would. The Animators simply did not click for me. The two main characters seemed potentially interesting at first, but somewhere around 50 or so pages, I realized that I was wondering when something was going to happen in the way of conflict or moving the story forward. It did after a little bit, so I kept on going, but I was not enjoying their story — the two were unpleasant to other people, snarking and taking people for granted. When something happened to snap them out of their self-absorbed lives, they returned to their self-absorbed ways as soon as possible. And it was getting somewhat unbelievable that they were able to keep creating award-winning art when they were always binge drinking and in various stages of drug induced highs. Obviously these two had serious problems from their pasts to overcome, and you may find it rewarding to stick with them to the bitter end, but I ended up skimming through the pages to see how it all worked out (which I hate doing and try to avoid at all costs, but it’s better then saying I couldn’t/didn’t want to finish this book). For me, personally, I don’t mind reading books that have a bit of alcohol abuse or drug abuse in which the characters have to overcome, but this was just a bit too much for my taste. Plus their snarky attitudes and the way they acted threw me off more than I expected. Maybe I’m reading into it too much, maybe I’m not, but I just couldn’t get over it and it lead me into skimming around.

Thank you random house for giving me an opportunity to give an honest review to a debut novel.

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Snappsy the Alligator and His Best Friend Forever By Julie Falatko and Tim Miller

32077540This book was really cute and so worth the read. I truly believe it teaches kids to appreciate people for who they are. Falatko and Miller do a wonderful job on creating depth to a character in the simplest way, but yet still carry a huge amount of “Don’t judge a book (or person) by its cover or appearance”. It also brings awareness to “Be careful what you say, you might regret it”. I love the colors and art in this book. Its adorable so relatable. Snappsy is totally me 99.9% of the time. I feel like Snappsy should wear a shirt that says “Nope.” on it because it would totally work out, maybe he wouldn’t have to say it a million times (x

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Dead Souls by J. Lincoln Fenn Review

272763064/5 stars

An uninhibited thriller with a dash of social commentary where the devil is in the details.
I honestly liked this book allot but the ending failed for me.
It fell a bit short but I still rated this at about 4.5 because it wasn’t that big of a flop.
I actually quite enjoyed it.

Fiona Dunn is a go-for-the-throat marketer whose suspicions about her boyfriend, Justin, get her into a spot of trouble.
She trails Justin and sees him enter a taxi with another woman while supposedly traveling out of town on business.
The answer of course is to go to a bar to drink away her sorrows, where she is plied with drinks by a dark, charming stranger. Scratch, the pickup, is also an intriguingly crafted character—a dark force with a wry sense of humor, he’s a rather likable guy until he tells Fiona exactly who he is.
He is, it turns out, the devil (real name unpronounceable) and he strikes a deal for Fiona’s soul that gives her the power of invisibility at will, so she can spy on her wayward partner.
This has to be the archetype of a bar tryst gone bad.
Scratch controls a cadre of dead souls in Oakland who meet in a converted church-turned-bar to discuss their woes and plot their escape, under the direction of Alejandro (a photographer who charms Fiona after seeing her dark pallor—the sign of the damned).
Scratch has sealed the deal with all these wayward souls by giving them a business card stating their date of soul-selling and a blank space titled “Favor.”
When the time comes, the blank fills mysteriously with a deed and instructions, and the novel turns gruesome in the acts.
The implication is that the mass murders, the unconscionable acts of terror of our contemporary times (and all time) are the result of selfish deals with the devil—these acts are Favors, the payment due the devil.
Fiona commits her obligated soul to turning the tables on Scratch and righting many wrongs.
The countdown to Fiona’s Favor is a thriller of a chase with a wicked but not-so-elevating ending.
A wild, well-written novel that fuels suspicions about what might be going on in our oh-so-unbalanced world.

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It’s Not Me, It’s You by Stephanie Kate Strohm Review

INMIY4.5/5 stars

A young woman revisits her many ex-boyfriends through interviews with her friends and acquaintances in this comedic romance.
After she’s dumped by her current boyfriend just days before prom, 17-year-old blonde, white Avery subverts an assignment at San Anselmo Prep on oral histories in order to retrace the map of her love life from middle school on. Told entirely in the form of interviews with others and including editorial interjections by Avery, this novel details each of her previous romantic relationships, some of which were more complicated than others. The playful, often teasing tone employed by many of the interviewees can be quite funny. Perspectives on Avery vary. Her supportive best friend, Coco, who is Korean-American, and Hutch, her cute and nerdy lab partner, who is black (and likes to think he resembles “a young Neil deGrasse Tyson”) like her more than others—such as Bizzy Stanhope, Avery’s rival, who is described throughout as “officially the worst.” Readers looking for a light-as-air romance and who don’t mind the predictability of the outcome will enjoy the humor and the sprawling cultural references, from Chris Evans to Sweet Valley High to Audrey Hepburn and the Kennedys.
Formulaic in plot if not in format, this should fit the bill for readers looking for total escape on a weekend afternoon.
It’s a cute and light read that I also recommend for people in book slumps!


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